Run Alpha

Ready to Begin? Run Alpha Training will help you learn how to run Alpha well in any context while preparing you to launch your own Alpha, regardless of your setting. The training is ideal for those just starting out and will be running Alpha for the first time or for those who would like a refresher on the basics.

Topics covered include: 

  • What is Alpha

  • 7 Best practices

  • My Alpha (getting started on the website), 

  • Tips for running Alpha online

  • Small Groups

  • The Alpha Time Away (in person and on line)

  • Prayer Ministry, After Alpha

Upcoming In-person & Online Alpha New England Run Alpha Trainings

2022 Trainings

Our next training will take place in early 2022. The date and location are not yet set but will be announced soon.

Additional Trainings Available Through Alpha USA

Find additional topics, dates and times and register for  online trainings directly with Alpha USA at