Alpha New England


The world around us is shifting at an unprecedented rate. As the church, we are navigating a new post-Christian reality. Studies tell us that New England is the least Christian region of the country, but we have hope for the church.  


Through Alpha we are privileged to see the many ways God’s transformative power is at work, moving dramatically through His church in every New England state,  and across all denominations. Thousands of guests have had life changing encounters with Jesus, lives are being changed, and churches are experiencing growth.


Our goal is for every person across New England, to have an opportunity to explore the Christian faith in a no pressure, welcoming environment, close to where they live or work.

Alpha New England exists to serve you. Are you interested in exploring questions about life and faith?  Are you wondering what it might take to launch your own Alpha Course? Maybe you’re looking to improve your course and connect with others currently running Alpha? We can help!