Overview Revitalization Tools

This section provides parish leaders with a growing set of tools and resources needed to transform parishes and to make missionary disciples. Please visit frequently as we add new tools on a regular basis.

The recommended tools and resources have already been proven to be effective in a large number of Catholic settings across New England, and especially among our Divine Renovation Reunion Groups which are focused on establishing a network for peer learning and mentoring.  We realize that there are a great number of other excellent and/or emerging resources available and we expect for that reason to revise and expand our tool box periodically.

The tool box offered is focused on the four essential areas: 

  • parish leadership,

  • missionary discipleship,

  • transformative prayer and

  • evangelization.

  1. Parish Leadership/Transformation Team: Divine Renovation, Amazing Parish

The pastor and his staff or a small group of parish leaders form a “game plan” for parish transformation, evangelization, and forming missionary disciples.

Recommended Resources:

Introducing the “Game Plan” - a Holistic Approach for Parish Transformation

The Game Plan as introduced by Fr. James Mallon is a tool used by parish leaders to transform their parish and community. It helps the pastor, his staff or a small group of staff and other church leaders to work together in developing a vision to transform the church. 

  1. Parish Transformation Team:  Divine Renovation, Amazing Parish, and More

  2. Forming “missionary disciples” in Parish Communities and “the Renewal Menu”

  3. The Praying Church —10 Ways to invite the Holy Spirit to transform your parish

  4. Effective Evangelization, the Alpha Course, other resources and training

The Foundation for Parish Revitalization - The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis

The foundation for all parish transformation efforts is “The Joy of the Gospel” (EG, 2013), as well as other key documents such as “Evangelization in the Modern World” (EN, 1975), and “Go and Make Disciples” (USCCB, 1992).


Recommended Resources:

Many people find “The Joy of the Gospel” to be inaccessible due to its length as a comprehensive document.  In order to encourage greater engagement we have provided a 30 page, highlighted summary which can help a reader get through this document in one sitting—possibly one hour or less.  It includes a one page summary, 30 page highlighted summary, and then full document for reference.

2. Forming “Missionary Disciples”  -  The Renewal and Discipleship Menu

The “game plan” focuses on choosing resources from “a menu” of proven renewal and discipleship resources to provide formation leading to service, outreach, and leadership.

Recommended Resources:

Divine Renovation Tools:

  • Discipleship Group:  Short-term, home-based discipleship series.

  • Connect Groups: Long-term, bi-weekly, home-based discipleship communities.


The “Menu” of Renewal and Discipleship Ministries: 

  • Life in the Spirit Seminar and Charismatic Prayer Groups

  • Cursillo, Ultreya (follow up) and Kairos (prison ministry)

  • Men of St. Joseph, Knights of Columbus, Women of Mary

  • Unbound, Neal Lozano

  • www.Formed.org  (the Catholic version of Netflix)

  • Bishop Robert Barron-Catholicism

  • Disciples in Mission-PNCEA

  • Jeff Cavins, The Great Adventure Bible Study, www.JeffCavins.com

  • Chosen—Teenage Formation: https://ascensionpress.com/shop/t/category/study-programs/chosen

  • Come Follow Me Training-10 essentials of discipleship,6 principles of leadership

  • Parish Missions, Lenten Parish Seminars, Webinars, Parish Conferences

3. The Praying Church  —  10+ Ways to ask the Holy Spirit to transform your Parish

The transformation of the parish is fueled by the Holy Spirit in a variety of prayer experiences.  10+ experiences of transformative prayer introduced in the Alpha course and/or experienced at St. Benedict in Halifax:

Recommended Resources - 10+ Experiences of Transformative Prayer:

  • Parish Worship at Mass, Daily Readings (The Word Among Us)

  • Daily Personal Prayer Time, (The Dynamic Catholic, Matthew Kelly)

  • Team Prayer and Formation at Planning Meetings

  • Prayer Partners-sharing prayer intentions

  • Eucharistic Adoration Chapel

  • Prayer for Renewal of Baptism-Personal Relationship with Jesus

  • Sacrament of Reconciliation-Ongoing Repentance

  • Renewal of Confirmation—Praying to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

  • Prayer for Healing—Unbound Ministry

  • Mobilizing Intercession (parish prayer networking, prayer line)

  • The Local Prayer Ecumenical Prayer Movements (National Day of Prayer, 10 Days of Prayer, the Global Day of Prayer, Nights of Worship).

3. The Praying Church  —  10+ Ways to ask the Holy Spirit to transform your Parish

The parish “game plan” includes evangelization resources to convert participants and train team members to evangelize in everyday life.

Recommended Resources:

  • Alpha in a Catholic Context: http://alphausa.org/catholic

  • Alpha Specialties:  youth, ESOL/multi-cultural, prison, campus, others

  • Relationship Central:  Marriage Course, Prep Course, Parenting Courses

  • The Alpha NE Catholic Team:  Catholic advisors around NE

  • The “Andrew” Method:  Inviting family and friends to Alpha and Gospel events

  • The “Monica” Method:Prayer and action of a lifetime!  www.helpthemreturn.org

  • Ecumenical Evangelization Ministries and tools:  Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Athletes in Action, Christian Business Fellowship, Young Life, others

  • A variety of resources are needed to expand this list:  Discovering Christ, Chosen, Evangelical Catholic, RCIA inquiry, etc.

3. The Praying Church  —  10+ Ways to ask the Holy Spirit to transform your Parish
4. Evangelization through Alpha and other resources: Introduction, training